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  • Salvation Army decides against buying Housing NZ stock
    People’s Lives Must Be Enhanced by Housing Transfer, says Salvation Army
    23-03-2015 more >>
  • Update on social housing
    Andrew King reports on the first of the six public meetings on social housing changes in New Zealand.
    18-02-2015 more >>
  • Next steps in social housing
    State of the nation speech by Prime Minister John Key
    28-01-2015 more >>
  • Post Election Property Politics
    Property investors will be relieved that a capital gains tax and the proposal to ring fence tax losses are off the table for at least three years. But there are still some political activities that could affect the rental property industry. The Warrant of Fitness issue has still not been resolved, neither has the earthquake strengthening debate. The NZPIF has presented our case in both these areas.
    02-11-2014 more >>

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