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OCR cut of 50 points forecast

If you are in the market for a mortgage you should be able to obtain a fixed rate deal that is significantly cheaper than what you would have paid a week or two ago.
16-05-2008 more >>

Boom time for renters

Potential homebuyers are choosing to remain long-term renters - freeing up thier savings for less volatile investments.
11-05-2008 more >>

Two steps forward, one step back

This is probably a fitting description for progress in the mortgage market at present.
09-05-2008 more >>

Property investment yields down but optimism remains, says ANZ survey

Property investors are becoming more circumspect, although they continue to expect strong returns from housing in the medium-term, figures from the fifth annual ANZ Property Investors Survey show.
07-05-2008 more >>

More falls in store for housing market

Economists are warning that the housing market is becoming over supplied, which will place more pressure on falling house prices.
05-05-2008 more >>

Top tips on becoming a landlord

No matter what the trepidation in the property market, Kiwi investors are still more fond of property than any other instrument to salt away the nest egg. But becoming a property investor generally means becoming a landlord. What do you need to know? [NZ Herald]
03-05-2008 more >>

Hope at last

Finally there is a glimmer of hope for borrowers that home loan rates will start falling. This glimmer has been intensified by a little competitive pressure.
02-05-2008 more >>

May '08 Issue

  • The Great Tax Crackdown
  • New strategy from Minister: Start collecting 'shells'
  • House prices are up, but sales volumes are down, confusing even the professionals
    01-05-2008 more >>
  • Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill - Soon

    Under considerable pressure from the media and others concerning the condition of some boarding houses and the referral of Housing NZ “clients” to them, the Minister of Housing Maryan Street (11 April) said the Government would revive a new version of a Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill, which was originally introduced by former Housing Minister Mark Gosche in 2001.
    30-04-2008 more >>

    Oz lures kiwi property investors

    With little prospect of capital growth during the next 2 years, the local property market is losing its lustre for all but the canny, cashed-up bargain hunter, and the spot light has swtiched to Australia
    28-04-2008 more >>

    Parent says Tasman and United doing OK

    Lombard says that although its finance company has collapsed its mortgage businesses, Tasman and United, continue to to trade at acceptable levels in a very tough market.
    24-04-2008 more >>

    ANZ Property Focus for April has big picture themes

    Fundamentals such as affordability suggest a decent correction in house prices is pending.
    22-04-2008 more >>

    They're off again

    After a couple of weeks' respite, there has been another series of mortgage rate increases over the past few days from non-bank lenders.
    18-04-2008 more >>

    Accountants offer free help to Blue Chip investors

    Accountants throughout the country are offering an hour's free time to help struggling Blue Chip investors, the NZ Herald reported on Wednesday
    17-04-2008 more >>

    The world according to Jones

    Sir Bob Jones has been confirmed as a key note speaker at the Annual Conference taking place 25 and 26 October.
    16-04-2008 more >>

    Big state housing sell off

    Housing NZ is selling 15 Auckland state houses for an expected $12 million windfall ahd has already put seven of them up for sale as part of a plan to exit the mansion market.
    11-04-2008 more >>

    Relative calm restored for now

    The mortgage market has been noticeably calmer over the past week with few changes in rates. After the recent general upswing in loan rates this will be welcome news for anyone who needs to refinance now.
    11-04-2008 more >>

    Winter of discontent predicted for housing market

    House buyers are waiting for prices to drop, tenants are crying out against big rent hikes and sellers still have unrealistically high expectations.
    10-04-2008 more >>

    Glimmer of hope?

    While there is very little good news for borrowers over recent months there has been the slightest glimmer of hope this week.
    04-04-2008 more >>

    Rents shoot up 7% as landlords feel the pinch

    Renters are hurting as much as homeowners - national average rents are up by just over 7 per cent, the average rental now costs %300 per week.
    28-03-2008 more >>

    Rates up, up and away

    Mortgage rates are continuing to rise. Even over five year-terms, rates from some lenders are now priced at well over 10%.
    28-03-2008 more >>

    Long term leases are beneficial but have downsides

    President of the NZPIF appreciates the aim of the Minister of Building and Construction to ensure renters have more stability but says there are downsides to long term leases of 15-33 years
    27-03-2008 more >>

    Concern over long-term renters prompts proposal for tenancy rights

    Concern over the long-term increase in families renting rather than owning homes has prompted Minister for Building and Construction, Shane Jones to propose providing stable rental rights, for the benefit of both landlords and tenants.
    25-03-2008 more >>

    Home loan rates up and rising

    Mortgage lenders have continued to raise home loan rates over the past week and there are suggestions from some commentators that they could go higher still.
    20-03-2008 more >>

    Flying high

    Mortgage rates are continuing to rise even though the Reserve Bank held the official cash rate (OCR) at 8.25% last week.
    14-03-2008 more >>

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