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Summer tips for smart landlords

In the last three months the Department of Building and Housing has experienced a 16% increase in the number of Tenancy Tribunal applications. This is expected to continue through November until April. Delays in getting a mediation or Tribunal hearing are expected.
To make sure your application goes through as quickly as possible, it is suggested you follow these simple tips:
  1. Get your name right! Use full LAQC or business names on your application.
  2. Apply online with electronic attachments and get to the front of the queue.
  3. Fill in the form carefully. Remember you are entering a legal process.
  4. Help Swift telephone mediation work – include ALL phone and email details.
  5. If possible avoid applying in late January. This is the busiest time.
  6. Beat the rush – apply between Christmas and New Year. The Department is open.
  7. Use the 10 day letter and same day application combo. Call 0800TENANCY to find out more.
  8. Let the Department know your holiday plans – don’t apply and then disappear.
  9. If making several applications, send them in a bunch. This increases the chances of getting them scheduled together
  10. Call the Department if you haven’t received an email with your application number within 2 working days

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