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Council focus on affordability


Auckland Council has announced moves to address the city’s housing supply and property affordability problems.

The city needs about 10,000 new homes a year but is building only 2500.

Regional Development and Operations Committee chair Councillor Ann Hartley said the committee had endorsed a two-stage approach for a housing strategic action plan.

Stage one would focus on the tools available to improve supply and affordability. She said these would include assessing the impact of regulatory fees and rates on housing costs, using council land and development partnerships to increase housing, further improvements to consent processes, and incentivising upgrades of existing houses.

New zoning options and future urban land requirements would be incorporated into the council’s new Unitary Plan.

“The council is talking to many people across the housing industry and with central government to achieve some consensus on how best we can all help ease the housing burden on our citizens,” Hartley said.

“We know Auckland is in the grip of a housing crisis but all industry parties have to contribute to the solution.

“The Auckland Plan gives strong direction on how we can build up the housing stock through the principles of a quality compact city which aims for well-planned, well-designed higher density housing offering a range of housing choices.

“The Unitary Plan, which will set the rules, will play a major part in ensuring a quality approach with a mix of dwellings and neighbourhoods across Auckland.”

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Source: Landlords.co.nz

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