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No protection available for tenants: Greens


The Green Party has pointed to a report on perceptions of housing quality, released by Statistics New Zealand today, as proof that more should be done to improve the quality of the country’s rental stock.

Statistics New Zealand’s Perceptions of Housing Quality report found renters were twice as likely as owner-occupiers to say they live in cold damp houses.

Families with children, and Maori and Pacific households, were more likely to report that they lived in unhealthy homes.

Green Party housing spokeswoman Holly Walker said it was further evidence that rules were needed to ensure rented homes were healthy.

“These families need a guarantee that the home they are renting meets some basic minimum standards. It should not be acceptable to charge rent for a home that makes people sick.”

Its Home for Life scheme would require rental properties to hold a warrant of fitness guaranteeing they were insulated and water-tight, and that they had heating, hot and cold water, a shower or bath, electricity and a stove.

Andrew King, president of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation, has previously slammed the proposals as patronising and time wasting.

Source: Landlords.co.nz

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