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A key benefit of belonging to a Property Investors’ Association is access to special pricing deals by a number of companies.  You can save money on a variety of goods and services that all property investors need, including DIY products, insurance, mortgages, smoke alarms and various subscriptions to data.

When a new member joins or a member renews their membership, they are provided with a list of these companies. But often there are changes to the deals, with new partnership companies coming on board or special offers from existing partners.

 Associations' are provided with a PowerPoint presentation to show at their monthly meetings and this presentation is regularly updated, but members wanted a better way to keep up-to-date with what deals were available to them and how they can access those deals.

Our NZPIF Treasurer, Colin Comber, suggested developing an App, and development of the NZPIF app began late in 2015. 

The aim was primarily to give those holding an NZPIF card easier access to information about the NZPIF business partners.   Each company has a network of branches and a range of requirements for access to the benefits they offer. 

The App means you have access to all the deals available to you conveniently on your phone. If you need a new loan or want to check if ANZ can provide a better rate than your current provider, you can find a local mobile mortgage manager and how to contact them.

Information can also be sourced on insurance. Members have been saving around $150 to $250 per property per year and the App has all the information you need to check if you could achieve savings like this. (With Meth being a hot issue currently, you will also obtain complete cover for Meth damage to your property, while most products only have limited cover or some provide none at all)

The newly developed NZPIF app is constantly updated when changes occur so you will always have access to the latest partnership information.

The App is now available in versions for both iPhone and Android phone users. 

It is easy and free for members to download the app to their phone from the NZPIF website, www.nzpif.org.nz. Either click on the banner advert on the home page or select NZPIF App from the Resources menu.

Please let us know your feedback on using the App and any suggestions you think would improve it to the Executive Committee members of your Association. They will pass this on to the NZPIF Executive Committee. 



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