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Can you provide emergency homes for those in need in your town?

Are you a landlord interested in a guaranteed rental for the next 3 years, all while supporting people in need? The Salvation Army is looking to work with landlords around the country, to take care of some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable people and your property.

The Salvation Army has been helping those most in need in New Zealand since 1883. Now we’d like to work with you to help address one of the biggest issues facing our country.

Today, a growing number of New Zealanders are finding themselves without a place to call home. While they find themselves in this situation for many different reasons they all share one thing in common – they’re desperate for a way out.

Without a home, families are more like to get sick, find it harder to maintain jobs or attend school and face a host of other issues that hold them back and harm society. A warm, dry, safe place to live makes a huge difference in helping them get back on their feet.

The Salvation Army are working with landlords around the country to make a difference right now.

Under a partnership with the Ministry of Social Development we, as an approved Emergency Housing Provider, are actively seeking to enter into tenancy agreements with landlords who have a social conscience and agree that it’s time New Zealanders started taking better care of one another. Under this arrangement the Salvation Army becomes your tenant, with the right to use your rental home to house our emergency clients who have been identified as most in need from the Housing Register.

We’ll look after your house and the people in it, providing them with up to 12 weeks of secure housing and practical support to help them thrive in their new life.

There are a number of benefits for a landlord in being involved with the programme:

  • Your property is rented out for up to three years, with guaranteed rent, no arrears and no vacancies
  • We carry out regular visits to the home and work with you, or your agent, around your usual inspection regime
  • We provide the home fully furnished for our clients, thus reducing the impact on surrounding properties of the ‘removal truck’ syndrome
  • We carry out an ingoing methamphetamine test and periodic checks thereafter, with the onus on us to decontaminate and remediate if that situation were to arise, with full rent continuing
  • Our clients have an Occupancy Agreement with us and we carry out an extensive assessment before their placement, including both drug and criminal history checks
  • We undertake to remediate any intentional damage caused by our clients or their guests, with none of the ‘prove it’ situations that can arise in private lettings
  • You get to be part of a proactive solution to your own community’s need, and that just feels good!

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved with then we would love to hear from you; we are actively searching in Tauranga, Hamilton, Whanganui, Wellington and a number of other towns.

To ask us more about how we could work with you, please contact Sharon Heslop, Housing Procurement Manager, on:

DDI: 04 382 0735 or


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