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NZPIF continues campaign with a new Executive Officer

The NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) Executive Committee is very pleased to announce the appointment of Sharon Cullwick as the new NZPIF Executive Officer. Cullwick will be replacing Andrew King who is stepping down after many years of service to the property investment industry including six years as Executive Officer.

Cullwick has had many years of experience in the industry as a property investor, as well as being involved in Property Investors’ Associations affiliated to NZPIF around the country. She is currently serving as President of the Hawkes Bay Property Investors’ Association. She has been the NZPIF President for over a year and has represented members well during that period.

Cullwick will continue to lead the campaign to oppose the changes to the RTA being proposed. She was delighted when there were 2,600 respondents to the last NZPIF survey demonstrating the level of concern respondents have particularly about the dropping of the no-cause 90 day notice. This has been further reinforced by two recent surveys – one by Tony Alexander and one by the REINZ. The latter survey of 2,800 landlords, property managers and tenants showed 82.1% of respondents strongly disagreed or disagreed with this change and only 40.0% of tenants supported the move.

“Now more than ever landlords need a support base to help navigate their way through the different Tenancy Laws coming into play, and your local Property Investors’ Association is a great place to start”, says Cullwick. “Property Investors’ Associations are not for profit organisations that are setup for the betterment of all rental property owners”.

The appointment takes effect immediately but there will be a transition period when Cullwick and King will work together on media and on the ongoing campaign to challenge the proposed changes outlined in the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill.





The New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation represents 7000 property owners and is responsible for educating and supporting landlords to ensure New Zealanders have access to high quality rental properties.


For further information please contact

Sharon Cullwick

NZPIF Executive Officer



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