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OPIA Members Property & Investment Library

OPIA offers members a vast range of books and resources focused on property, investment, and development within the OPIA Library.  With numerous local publications relevant to our market, as well as recent and historical books, there is something for all investors to read and learn from.

Our library is open during OPIA office hours and when meetings are held in our offices in Turakina Road.  Please feel welcome to come in and borrow books at your leisure within these times.  If you are returning books outside of these times, there is a locked book return located outside the office's main double doors.

We regularly add books and if any members are wanting to donate any current property-related books that you think may benefit our library please email the office at opia@opia.org.nz to organise.

To continue to provide this benefit we have a few rules for members to follow to ensure everyone has an opportunity to borrow books.

Member rules and responsibilities

  1. Members can borrow two (2) books at a time only
  2. Books must be returned within four (4) weeks of the date initially borrowed
  3. The book borrow sheet must be completed prior to borrowing the book (essential to write clearly and include book number and your contact details clearly)

A current list of our books is available for members, please click this link to view: https://pimms.nzpif.org.nz/UserFiles/files/OPIA%20Library%20Book%20List.htm Please note this is a list of all books that we offer and some may be currently on loan to another member.   

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