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Before you rush into buying your first rental property, it is timely to gather as much information as possible to minimise your potential risks.  The Otago Property Investors Association (OPIA) is dedicated to providing as much information as possible to its members regarding all aspects of property investment.

Most people like residential property because it is something they understand, having rented once,  and now with their own home, feel comfortable about acquiring another.  Options such as releasing equity in your own home, borrowing from friends or relatives or many other possibilities are all situations that have been experienced by OPIA members in the past.  You can also draw on this knowledge through networking with fellow members.  Property investment is normally a long term plan of 10 years or more in order to achieve capital growth and/or increased rental returns, all of which can be enjoyed in later life.

Otago Property Investors Association offers a wonderful range of resources to its members, including:

  • an extensive library of books relating to property
  • a number of property related games
  • a professional and informative glossy magazine
  • information evenings for New and Young investors, Women in Property investors and our forums with guest speakers
  • A comprehensive discount scheme gives members great discounts from retail outlets which are frequently used by property investors
  • a list of excellent tradespeople, real estate salespeople, property managers, bankers and mortgage brokers, valuers etc who specifically understand property investment
  • Insurance packages especially for investors to protect their properties
  • Representations to local and national government regarding legislation and regulations on behalf of our members
  • Advice on leases, mediations, tribunal hearings and matters relating to tenancy regulations


Joining the OPIA could be the most profitable decision you will ever make.  Through learning from experts in the industry that work alongside the association, choices of the type of property to buy, how to negotiate great deals, tax savings you can make, best methods to structure and obtain finance etc.

By networking with a large group of experienced investors from a variety of backgrounds who are willing to share their information, there are years of experience for you to draw on.

Through seminars and association meetings featuring expert speakers on essential topics, you will gain the confidence from an independent industry organisation which has nothing to gain from providing this service.

For further information about the benefits of joining the Otago Property Investors Association, Ph 477 6220

email opia@opia.org.nz


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