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December '08 Issue

  • With house prices and interest rates falling, cash-generating properties are starting to reappear.
  • Dropping mortgage rates
  • 7 must-do tips for undertaking renovations in turbulent times
    01-12-2008 more >>
  • Presidents Report

    A copy of Cliff Seque's November presidents report
    18-11-2008 more >>

    Woman in Property Group

    Otago Property Investors starts a "Woman in Porperty Group"
    18-11-2008 more >>

    Otago Investor November Issue

    Receiving each issue of the Otago Investor is one of the benefits of membership of the Otago Property Investors' Association
    14-11-2008 more >>

    Photo of Otago PIA winning the Harry Lawson Cup

    Otago PIA won the Harry Lawson Cup this year. This win acknowledges our excellent achievements during the year. Eleven other Associations competed for the Cup.
    06-11-2008 more >>

    November '08 Issue

  • Landlord of the Year - Andrea and Andrew Elliot
  • What’s best – a trust or an LAQC?
  • a day in the life of a property finder
    01-11-2008 more >>
  • Landlord of the year announced

    Andrew and Andrea Elliot from Otago win Landlord of the Year award. Presenting the Award in the photo is Jeff Montgomery representing the sponsors, the Department of Building and Housing.
    28-10-2008 more >>

    Otago wins Harry Lawson Trophy

    Otago Property Investors Association has won the award for best association in the country.
    28-10-2008 more >>

    Otago Invester September issue

    Receiving each issue of the Otago Investor is one of the benefits of membership of the Otago Property Investors' Association
    20-10-2008 more >>

    October '08 Issue

  • 10 Rental Safe Havens
  • Election '08: housing policies
  • Day in the life of a Mortgage Broker
    01-10-2008 more >>
  • Housing New Zealand is suing a drug ring.

    Housing New Zealand is suing a drug ring after one of its homes had to be demolished because it was contaminated by the chemicals the group used to make methamphetamine with. Ten people have been convicted of charges relating to the manufacture of methamphetamine at the Napier state house.
    23-09-2008 more >>

    New award, Landlord of the year 2008

    Sponsored by Department of Building and Housing, this award is to highlight the professionalism of our members who are landlords.
    09-09-2008 more >>

    Mortgage site links borrowers to lenders

    Two Otago inverstors are helping to bankroll a new Internet site thay say will challenge mortgage brokers.
    09-09-2008 more >>

    September '08 Issue

  • A day in the life of a Property Valuer
  • Budgets, Rate of Return, risks and tools
  • Property Swaps
    01-09-2008 more >>
  • August '08 Issue

  • How to Master this market.
  • Tirau investor Henry Clothier
  • Four clever ways of using leverage
    01-08-2008 more >>
  • Report to the NZPIF Communications Meeting 2008

    Vice President Sonia Thom outlines the activities of the Otago PIA over the last year
    03-07-2008 more >>

    June '08 Issue

    We talk to inspirational property investor, Laurence Pope. This young man is fast becoming world famous in Paeroa for his redevelopment of a run-down street, locally known as ‘Harlem’. At just 24 years of age, Pope has big plans for his 16 ex-state houses.
    01-06-2008 more >>

    May '08 Issue

  • The Great Tax Crackdown
  • New strategy from Minister: Start collecting 'shells'
  • House prices are up, but sales volumes are down, confusing even the professionals
    01-05-2008 more >>
  • January '08 Issue

  • Sunny Outlook
  • Ed Meili has ventured successfully where few other property investors have dared to tread
  • Small-business owners are breaking into commercial property investing
    01-01-2008 more >>

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