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TAX WORKING GROUP – CGT, Land Tax & RFRM During the month (2 October), the Tax Working Group released a set of background papers proposing three new possible taxes on rental properties and property investors – to generate more revenue for the Government.
30-10-2009 more >>

Concerns for ageing home owners

More needs to be done to address the growing concerns of an ageing group of home owners who will likely dominate the market in years to come, according to the Centre for Housing Research.
30-10-2009 more >>

Building consents climb for third straight month

New residential building consents climbed for a third straight month as a resurgent housing market stoked construction activity amid strong demand for property.
30-10-2009 more >>

OCR unchanged, rates not to fall further

Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard kept the official cash rate unchanged at a record low 2.5%, as expected, and dropped wording in his statement that rates could fall further, stoking speculation borrowing costs will rise sooner as the economy recovers.
29-10-2009 more >>

Buy by negotiation, sell by auction

Auctions may be a good strategy for selling property in this market, but investors buying say they're a pain.
28-10-2009 more >>

Excellent offer from TINZ

Tenancy Information New Zealand now offers PIA members a free subscription and advantageous rates.
27-10-2009 more >>

Rents stabilise, demand on the rise

Demand for rentals has increased over the past three months and rents have stabilised with rental growth looking healthy in some areas, according to First National.
27-10-2009 more >>

ANZ Property Focus 21 October

This month's issue looks at confidence in the real estate market, property gauges, the economic backdrop, mortgage borrowing strategy and has a feature article on the labour market.
26-10-2009 more >>

Housing market indicator firms in September

An indicator of the housing market firmed in September led by Wellington and Auckland.
22-10-2009 more >>

Liquidity of property investment

Real Estate in most structures is not, never has been and never will be a readily liquid form of investment. It is important that this is understood before you make any investment in real estate whether it be in the form of direct single ownership, or multi ownership in the form of proportionate ownership, partnership etc.This is an article written by Bryce Barnett, Managing Director of KCL Property
22-10-2009 more >>

Traditional spring market true to form

Confidence continues to build in the residential property market, with sales showing continued signs of buoyancy for September, as well as a rise in new listings.
19-10-2009 more >>

Is there a housing shortage?

Housing has been a key driver of the economy over recent years, both in creating strong growth and the recent recession. NZEIR comments on the sustainability of the recovery suggested by recent house prices, house sales and building consents data.
14-10-2009 more >>

Numbers of available rental properties back to level of November 08

The numbers of rental properties being advertised on Trade Me and on www.realestate.co.nz have dropped right back to the totals listed on 1 November 08. This is a drop of about 1,000 across the country.
14-10-2009 more >>

REINZ regional highlights - September 2009

The latest figures from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) show slow and steady improvement throughout the country. To find out what's happening with sales prices and turnover in the main regions, use the links in the story below.
14-10-2009 more >>

House prices extend gains in September

New Zealand house prices extended their gains in September, recovering to levels last seen in 2007, as confidence seeps back into the housing market.
14-10-2009 more >>

Property managers to register as authorised financial advisers

Property managers who receive rent or payments from tenants on behalf of landlords will need to become authorised financial advisers, according to new legislation.
13-10-2009 more >>

Martin Hawes: Taxing times are on the way.

Whether it is tax, rules ofr tenancies, state housing or incentives for home ownership, one of the difficulties with residential property investment is that it has always been a political football.
11-10-2009 more >>

Tax Working Group say property investors pay no tax

The $200 billion rental property sector not only pays no tax but is actually getting refunds when it might be fairly contributing tax of $500 million to $900 million a year, says a report from the last meeting of the influential Tax Working Group.
09-10-2009 more >>

Brian Fallow: Wider tax base bitter pill NZ has to swallow

Broadening the tax base is critical in the longer term, to avoid large increases in personal income tax and GST.
08-10-2009 more >>

It can be tricky finding the ideal tenant

Home leasing with Housing New Zealand means a long term lease and guaranteed rent for your property.
07-10-2009 more >>

Diana Clement: When investing becomes gambling

I'm taking a punt on this investment. How often have you heard this?
05-10-2009 more >>

October '09 Issue

Despite rental markets throughout the country taking a hit over the past year, they are faring much better long term, with some areas having grown close to 50% over the past four years. We sift through the numbers to find the top 10 suburbs, plus the top 10 urban and regional areas for rental growth and volatility levels.
01-10-2009 more >>

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