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Archive: May 2010

Number of mortgagee sales rises

Kiwi Mums and Dads are losing their homes in record numbers to mortgagee sales as the effects of the recession continue to bite residential homeowners.
31-05-2010 more >>

LAQC proposals questionable: NZICA

As part of the Budget process, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has proposed limiting the use of LAQCs to reduce the overall tax paid by property investors and others.
31-05-2010 more >>

Home building consents rise to two-year high

New Zealand's home-building approvals rose to a two-year high in April, suggesting the property market is heading for a gradual recovery, buffeted by higher interest rates.
28-05-2010 more >>

Leaky homes not eligible for depreciation deductions under new rules

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) says leaky buildings will generally not be eligible for depreciation deductions in line with rules for other buildings with a useful life of 50-plus years.
27-05-2010 more >>

Half of landlords will put up rents

The first nationwide survey on the Budget of 2,097 people, commissioned by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development, found that denying depreciation on rental properties and commercial buildings is supported by 46% and opposed by about a fifth of people.
24-05-2010 more >>

LAQC’s will be a “dead man walking”

Property investors will not want to use LAQC’s going forward and they will use other structures instead according to Deloitte tax partner Mike Shaw, who is a member of the Tax Working Group.
21-05-2010 more >>

Govt's tax changes means tenants will pay more rent

The Government’s decision to deny property owners depreciation claims means that tenants will end up paying more for their rent.
21-05-2010 more >>

Residential property investors to get another bite at fit-out cherry

Residential property investors will get another chance to claim depreciation on fit-out and maintenance costs with Inland Revenue reviewing these costs after the government followed through with its threat to remove property owners’ ability to claw back depreciation on buildings.
21-05-2010 more >>

BUDGET RELEASE: Property tax changes increase fairness

Changes to the tax treatment of investment property increase fairness and help rebalance the economy towards productive investment, Finance Minister Bill English and Revenue Minister Peter Dunne say.
20-05-2010 more >>

Depreciation: Here today, gone tomorrow

Property investors will face greater scrutiny from the tax department after the government confirmed it will wipe depreciation write-offs for buildings.
20-05-2010 more >>

Government closes loopholes for LAQCs

The Government is closing the loophole on loss attributing qualifying companies (LAQCs), a favoured property investment vehicle, by aligning the tax rates between the structures' deductions and profits.
20-05-2010 more >>

Property industry to pay for Budget

Bold changes set out in the Budget will primarily be funded through an effective tax increase for New Zealand property owners.
20-05-2010 more >>

Rental property value 'overinflated'

As the Budget looms, landlords and a university researcher claim that a key figure which has been used in the argument about rental investment is wrong.
19-05-2010 more >>

Investor confidence in property slips

Investors are showing less enthusiasm for rental property but attitudes to other classes of investment are rebounding, a quarterly ASB survey shows.
19-05-2010 more >>

Budget 2010: What's instore for landlords and tenants?

Thursday is budget day when the Government will announce what it's got in store to get the economy back on track.
18-05-2010 more >>

NZ investors' love affair with rental properties appears to be fading

New Zealand investor confidence in rental property has cooled in the past three months, and the popularity of other investment classes is gaining momentum, according to the latest ASB Investor Confidence Report.
18-05-2010 more >>

Budget preview: Property in line of fire

Changes to the structure of the tax system are the most highly anticipated part of the Budget to be delivered on Thursday as the government looks to reduce distortions which have been affecting work and investment decisions.
18-05-2010 more >>

Presidents Report

Copy of the Presidents report published in the OPIA Property Investor Magazine
17-05-2010 more >>

Otago investors reluctant to use new rating scheme

Otago property investors are hesitant to participate in a voluntary scheme to star rank properties. The Student Tenancy Accommodation Rating Scheme (STARS) is a collaboration between the Dunedin City Council, the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic.
17-05-2010 more >>

One step closer to leaky home resolution?

The government has taken a "giant step in the right direction" when it announced today it would increase the amount it is prepared to contribute towards repair costs for leaky home owners.
17-05-2010 more >>

Landlords warned after drug haul

Police are warning Hamilton property owners to keep an eye on what their sites are being used for.
17-05-2010 more >>

Greedy landlords on notice

Landlords are being warned against kicking out tenants to make a quick buck from the Rugby World Cup.
16-05-2010 more >>

REINZ residential highlights - April 2010

Find out what's happening in your area.
14-05-2010 more >>

Home sales decline in April: REINZ

Residential real estate sales fell 15% in April as the housing market remains subdued with the government's upcoming budget expected to bring in tax changes for property investors, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) data.
14-05-2010 more >>

Landlords wait warily for Budget

Lee Whiley is anxiously awaiting the Budget to learn what impact changes to property tax will have on him.
13-05-2010 more >>

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