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Archive: September 2023

Monthly Coffee Chat Group - September 2023

Come along to our monthly coffee club. You can pop along have a coffee or some lunch and chat with like-minded investors. President- Kathryn Seque is hosting and will have other OPIA executive members there as well so feel free to come along. You must register as if no one is registered to come it won't be held.
30-09-2023 more >>

New research confirms NZPIF call for ability to have long term tenancy option

New research from Motu found that the level of well being of a tenant related to the length of time the tenant had been in one tenancy. The NZPIF has been advocating for the ability to provide this since February 2022
29-09-2023 more >>

Forget the sterotype of the "typical landlord"

In this article Miriam Bell describes the experience of Cat Slater who only owns two rentals both in Auckland purchased to fund her retirement.
29-09-2023 more >>

PlaceMakers Evening ‘Protecting Your Asset and maximising Returns’

At PlaceMakers we know property investment, and whilst we need to keep costs low, we also know the cost if a shower or basin mixer fails and its out of warranty. We also know that whether your in the student or residential market, a quality property will get a quality return and more importantly quality tenants. We’ll outline our special OPIA member discounts, and showcase some great products that are super popular with landlords to enhance and often protect your investment. Well also have some of our best Tradies on hand to impart some great knowledge on protecting and enhancing your investment as well. Supper and Refreshments will be served across the evening. Well also have some special ‘Night Only’ deals!
26-09-2023 more >>

Who pays the tax. An opinion piece by Peter Lewis

There is much misunderstanding around the deductibility of mortgage interest for tax purposes relating to residential investment property.
24-09-2023 more >>

How the next Government can help tenants

We hear many ways each political party talk about the housing crisis, and their solutions to fix this. Adding a new tax to rental property provider and adding more RTA rules to make it harder to supply is obviously not the answer.
13-09-2023 more >>

North End Update - 2024 Renting Season Update

Join very experienced Property Managers of student rentals, Stef Wade and Kirstin Bevin, along with 2 representatives from Campus Watch for an update on the 2024 renting season. You are very welcome to bring any questions to form part of the general discussion. This event is open to all members but will focus on the Campus area of Dunedin.
12-09-2023 more >>

The ethics of property investment

The first consideration is to acknowledge that private investors play the highest and most valuable role in the New Zealand housing system. They provide over 85% of rental housing compared with the less than 15% provided by state owned housing.  The Government sector have shown that they are not capable of supplying the housing needs of the nation. Therefore any discussions around the Government or local bodies providing more housing are unrealistic, so the system remains a public private partnership. 
10-09-2023 more >>

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