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Archive: October 2008

Landlord of the year announced

Andrew and Andrea Elliot from Otago win Landlord of the Year award. Presenting the Award in the photo is Jeff Montgomery representing the sponsors, the Department of Building and Housing.
28-10-2008 more >>

Otago wins Harry Lawson Trophy

Otago Property Investors Association has won the award for best association in the country.
28-10-2008 more >>

Otago Invester September issue

Receiving each issue of the Otago Investor is one of the benefits of membership of the Otago Property Investors' Association
20-10-2008 more >>

October '08 Issue

  • 10 Rental Safe Havens
  • Election '08: housing policies
  • Day in the life of a Mortgage Broker
    01-10-2008 more >>

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