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Landlords say money would be better spent on something else

The government used the housing announcements of March 23 as its main avenue for legislation relating to rental properties. Still, it has, however, set aside $80 million in the Budget for the Bond Centre, Tenancy Tribunal, and Healthy Homes initiatives.
21-05-2021 more >>

DCC Zoning, 2GP, Minor Dwellings and more

Speaking about: Current residential density rules and associated provisions under the 2GP (Family Flat allowances, Residential 2 zone subdivision, etc.). Proposed Variation 2 changes, inc.- Allowances for duplex construction on standard residential sites. Ancillary Flats to replace Family Flats. New areas of General Residential 2 zoning. Increased density allowances for development within General Residential 1 zones. Anticipated increase in development contribution fees. Anticipated increase in developers infrastructure obligations. About me- I grew up in Dunedin (now 45 years old). Finished study for Bachelor of Surveying (at Otago) in 1997. I have worked as a private practice surveyor with Paterson Pitts from 1997 to present (became an owner and director of Paterson Pitts in 2005). Studied for Master of Planning degree (also at) Otago from 2016 to 2019. Graduated in 2020. I am a member of both Survey and Spatial NZ and NZ Planning Institute. I am an owner of a land development company and an owner of a separate commercial property investment company. I am on the board of Otago Accommodation Trust. Married to Christina, and we have 3 kids (25, 17, 12). IT IS NOW TOO LATE TO REGISTER TO ZOOM IN
18-05-2021 more >>

Government rejects first home buyers, tenants and rental providers

The First Home Buyers Club, Tenants Protection Canterbury and the NZ Property Investors Federation have presented a letter to Government requesting them to reconsider removing mortgage interest costs on rental properties.
12-05-2021 more >>

North End Meeting

11th May 2021 at 7pm Strictly limited numbers so you MUST register to come. We are holding a North end meeting for student landlords before renting season starts again. We will be having the Otago Uni Proctor speaking, a north end market update and then discussions around student tenancies. This meeting cannot be 'Zoomed'
11-05-2021 more >>

Monthly Coffee Chat Group - May

Come along to our new monthly coffee club. You can pop along have a coffee or some lunch and chat with like-minded investors. President- Kathryn Seque is hosting and will have other OPIA executive members there as well so feel free to come along. You must register as if no one is registered to come it won't be held. The Plaza Cafe also has a play area for children so feel free to bring along your children.
08-05-2021 more >>

Officials against rental property interest deductibility removal

Newly released information shows that in addition to Inland Revenue and Treasury, officials from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development were unanimous in advising the Government against removing rental property mortgage interest as a tax deduction. This opposition is also supported by economists, the general public and even tenant groups who are also stating that the policy will lead to rent rises.
04-05-2021 more >>

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