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Association Pages on the Members App

Associations can add their own content to the NZPIF members app through PIMMS.


The list of items is controlled through a special item in Navigation and Menus called "mobilehome". 

Every Association has a "mobilehome" option and it will have one item that is disabled so that the menu doesn't show in the app.

To get going your "mobilehome" menu just needs to have one active item.

Here we have all the items in the "mobilehome" menu turned off and there is no menu item for my local Association. Here we have one or more items active in the "mobilehome" menu and my Association automatically appears in the menu.

You can have submenus linked from "mobilehome" - let me know if you need one.

Adding to the Menu

When people are reading contents within the app we don't want them to see the full website - just the contents of the page itself. To do this you have to make some small changes to the way you link to the page.

Here's an example from the Federations part of the app

Five important things to note:

  1. A menu item can have a description or subtext in the app
  2. You need to give the full URL, starting with "http", of the page that you want loaded.
  3. Instead of linking to https://www.nzpif.org.nz/items/view/57654 you link to https://www.nzpif.org.nz/items/mobile/57654
    This will mean that the page loses the logos, menus and footer that you'd see on the regular webpage. If you view the mobile page in your browser it will look enormous, but in your phone it will look just right.
  4. You don't have to use the same pages that you use in your website - you can create additional pages that are only ever viewed in the app if that's appropriate. If you use a third party website you can still have your own menu in the app by creating pages in PIMMS.
  5. The pages that you link to don't have to be on your Association's website - you can link to anything. 


Refreshing the App

The menu is made available instantly but the user of the app will need to refresh their data - they will be prompted to do this but they can do it manually as well - important when you are testing!

Apple phones have a refresh symbol on top bar of the home screen. Android phones have a pop up menu with "Refresh All Data"


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