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Demystifying Health & Safety

Scott will lead us through the health and safety act rules and regulations and give us a commonsense guide as to what records we need to keep and how to manage our rental property site when we or others undertake repairs and maintenance. This is designed to be a fun and educational night.

Scott Weatherall - Common Sense - Health & Safety https://www.facebook.com/HealthandSafetyConsultancy/

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Worksafe NZ -  What are my duties when engaging someone to work on my rental property?

As a landlord or property management business, you have a responsibility to ensure that the people you engage to do work on your property are competent and appropriately qualified to do that work. The business or tradesperson who is engaged to do the work will also have a responsibility to ensure there are no health and safety risks arising from their work. As a landlord or property management business engaging someone to do work for you, you are not expected to become an expert yourself or to try and manage everything for the tradesperson. The tradesperson is expected to have the necessary specialist skills and expertise to do the job you have engaged them to do. You just need to focus on what you can reasonably influence and control. For example, if there is a dog on the premises, you would need to arrange with the tenant to keep the dog contained while the tradesperson is on the premises. This is to protect the tradesperson’s health and safety and this is within your influence and control. The tradesperson is responsible for ensuring that the work they do does not cause harm to themselves or anyone else on the property.


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