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Adding event information to the receipt

When a receipt is issued for an event, it would be good if the receipt could confirm the date and time of the event, as well as the name of the event. This would confirm the details for those who didn't use the "Add to calendar" option.
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The Great Shares vs Property Debate

The Shares vs Property debate is one of those mortal battles – Ford vs Holden, Auckland vs Queenstown, Armani vs Calvin Klein. Each has its diehards with their own set of statistics that prove that one is a better bet than the other. Both arguments are pushed by vested interests: money managers rake in billions a year by taking a tiny slither of your investment and making it theirs (via asset-based fees), and there’s an entire industry of agents, banks, politicians and retailers that feed off a strong property market. Come along and listen to both perspectives from young investors, Haley and Johnny van Leeuwen. Haley is an investment advisor at Craigs Investment Partners and deals with shares on a daily basis. Johnny on the other hand spends his days renovating their properties and working on finding and adding the next deal to their portfolio. When they are not working on properties or shares, both Haley and Johnny enjoy competing in mountain biking competitions, taking out several medals and bragging rights along the way. Looking forward to seeing you at Forbury Park Function Centre on Tuesday 15th March, networking from 7.00pm with the formalities of the evening commencing at 7.30pm. Thank you to our major sponsor, ANZ bank for providing the raffle prizes. Bring along your small change or eftpos will be available for you to buy your raffle tickets. Proceeds go towards purchasing resources for our members. The library will be on display - feel free to browse through and select the books you wish to take away with you or return the books you have at home.
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Changes to Calls

You can now see a list of all calls between a member or membership. View the member, click the "fullscreen" button above the short list of calls and you'll be taken to the full list. If you need to resend an email (eg Invoice not received) there is an email icon that will re-queue the email - just make sure you process the queue afterwards. If you need to get an Invoice number - that's shown in the ID column.
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