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Archive: September 2007

Residential Tenancies

ACT – Reforms In a speech to Wellington property investors (25 September) the Minister for Building & Housing Clayton Cosgrove highlighted some key reforms planned for the Residential Tenancies Act.
28-09-2007 more >>

Rates continuing to move in the right direction

Homeloan rates are continuing to move in the right direction for anyone seeking a mortgage at the moment. But it is still too early to declare that a new mortgage war has broken out.
28-09-2007 more >>

Cautious predictions over slowing economy

Nick Churchouse reports in the Dominion Post that predictions of a slowdown in the economy are cautious as activity bolds reasonably steady despite continued global activity.
24-09-2007 more >>

High rise investments continue to fall to earth

Anne Gibson reports that an analysis of the poor financial performance of Auckland's apartment market showed some units had had a quarter of their value wiped out.
21-09-2007 more >>

Tentative signs of rate competition

The first signs are emerging of a spring campaign amongst banks for home loan business. As reported in Good Returns Kiwibank was the first to move.
21-09-2007 more >>

Houses unaffordable

First home buyers were literally shut out of home ownership through record unaffordability in August, according to a survey released yesterday.
17-09-2007 more >>

Slim pickings as house sales continue to drop

Anne Gibson reports in the NZ Herald that house prices are growing fatter but sales turnover is almost anorexic and agents are complaining about the skinny pickings.
14-09-2007 more >>

Top Mortgage Broker named

The New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association named its top brokers for 2007 at its annual conference in Rotorua on the weekend.
14-09-2007 more >>

Bank loan funding costs at 10 year peak

The Good Returns mortgage rate table is awash with red this week as lenders push rates up even though there has been no change in the official cost of borrowing in New Zealand.
11-09-2007 more >>

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