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NZPIF rejects the Financial Services Council’s claim

NZPIF rejects the Financial Services Council’s claim
14-10-2013 more >>

REINZ reports spring surge

New record median prices were reported in Auckland and Canterbury/Westland last month, as the national median returned to its March high of $400,000, the latest Real Estate Institute figures show.
14-10-2013 more >>

Landlords benefit as first-home buyers retreat

Property investors are the early winners from the Reserve Bank’s loan-to-value speed limits.
14-10-2013 more >>

Whitburn: Labour's housing policies better

Labour is the clear winner with its housing policies at the moment, says Auckland Property Investors Association president David Whitburn.
11-10-2013 more >>

National affordability improves but regions vary

National housing affordability improved by 1.47% over the August quarter, the latest Massey University Home Affordability Report shows.
10-10-2013 more >>

RBNZ predicts turnover drop

The Reserve Bank expects sales volume to drop by about 5% due to the loan-to-value speed limit restrictions it introduced this month.
10-10-2013 more >>

QV predicts activity flurry

QV is expecting a short-term flurry of activity as people who have been preapproved for loans get their housing deals done.
09-10-2013 more >>

Special housing areas announced

The first of Auckland’s “special housing areas” have been announced and more will be revealed by Christmas. Consent applications in those areas will be able to be considered by the council under the fast-tracked mechanisms in the legislation, which require approvals within six months for greenfields developments, compared to the average three years.
09-10-2013 more >>

Supply the issue: Harcourts

Affordability won't improve until there are enough houses built to cater for New Zealand's growing population, real estate group Harcourts says.
08-10-2013 more >>

LVR move worries investors

Property investors are wary about the possible impact of new loan-to-value restrictions, the latest ANZ Property Investment Survey shows.
07-10-2013 more >>

Restrictions' impact not sustained: Report

A return to more normal interest rates might have more of an impact on house prices than the new LVR restrictions, says BNZ.
04-10-2013 more >>

Harcourts, Barfoot at odds

Two major Auckland real estate agencies can’t agree on whether the new LVR restrictions made a difference to the market last month.
04-10-2013 more >>

It could take months to see LVR impact: Agency

It could be up to six months before it’s clear whether the Reserve Bank’s new loan-to-value speed limits have made any difference to the Auckland property market, says real estate agency Barfoot and Thompson.
03-10-2013 more >>

LVR restrictions 'could spark complaints'

The Banking Ombudsman is expecting the new loan-to-value speed limits to cause a spike in mortgage-related issues. The restrictions came into force yesterday and require banks to keep their low-deposit lending to no more than 10% of their new loans.
02-10-2013 more >>

Building consents slow

After two years of growth, the trend for new house consents appears to be flattening, Statistics New Zealand says. That's not good news for Auckland, where a lack of supply is being blamed for soaring house prices.
02-10-2013 more >>

Govt gifts deposits to regional buyers

First-home buyers in the regions will be given a 10% deposit from the Government if they buy state houses that are not needed by the Government. The FirstHome initiative has been announced by Housing Minister Nick Smith.
01-10-2013 more >>

Short-term LVR effect predicted

The housing market will hesitate for a few weeks once the loan-to-value speed limits are introduced tomorrow before getting back into business as usual, property commentator Olly Newland says.
30-09-2013 more >>

Five months for plan submissions

Auckland’s unitary plan was notified today, giving five months for the public to make formal submissions. The Property Council has already weighed in, saying it supports the council’s measures to simplify the plan and its processes.
30-09-2013 more >>

LVR moves slowing housing supply

If the heat in the Auckland housing market is largely due to a lack supply, the Reserve Bank may not be pleased to hear reports from the Registered Master Builders Federation that the looming loan-to-value speed limits are slowing construction.
27-09-2013 more >>

Returns 'pay off' for green building

Green buildings provide better investment returns to their owners, the World Green Building Council says. Chief executive Jane Henley is in New Zealand to present a report called "The Business Case for Green Building."
26-09-2013 more >>

Reserve Bank could target investors

Macroprudential tools could be used to target residential property investors, the Reserve Bank says in its latest Bulletin.
26-09-2013 more >>

Mortgages more expensive

Low-deposit mortgages will not only be harder to get from the end of this month, but they will be a lot more expensive. From October 1, banks will be required to keep the amount of new lending to borrowers with a deposit of less than 20 per cent to no more than 10 per cent of their total mortgage lending.
25-09-2013 more >>

ASB cancels preapprovals

Many home buyers with ASB mortgage preapprovals will not be able to use them from early next month. The bank has announced it is withdrawing its preapprovals for buyers with deposits of less than 20%.
23-09-2013 more >>

Commission charged on high end of price

Auckland real estate agency The Property Market has launched a new commission structure that means vendors are only charged for the top end of the sale price.
23-09-2013 more >>

Migration momentum a property driver: ANZ

Migration is now a key source of demand for housing, the latest ANZ Property Focus report says. Of the ten gauges the report uses to indicate the future direction of property prices, that is the only one that is now pointing only up.
20-09-2013 more >>

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