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Information on supplement slow to arrive


Labour’s Housing spokeswoman Annette King is working through Treasury reports relating to policy work on the accommodation supplement.

By Susan Edmunds

She made the request for more information under the Official Information Act after the Government outlined in this year’s budget that it would be looking at ways to make the $15 billion spent on social housing and the $2 billion in annual subsidies, such as the accommodation supplement, more efficient.

King’s office said she was told in response to her request for more information that there were 12 relevant reports.

She will be working through those over the coming months.

King has said that the accommodation supplement artificially props up rents and contributes to housing affordability problems.

She said there were several issues with the system.

"The problem was highlighted years ago when the Salvation Army said they didn't believe an accommodation supplement would do anything other than increase the cost of housing."

David Whitburn, president of the Auckland Property Investors Association, said she was correct that it increased the amount landlords could charge in rent.

He said any move to lower or remove the accommodation supplement would make a huge difference to property investors.

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Source: Landlords.co.nz

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