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On 120 occasions during the last twelve months, the NZPIF views and comments have featured in the media. Andrew King, NZPIF Executive Officer has either been interviewed or approached for comment on housing issues by journalists from Fairfax Media, TV3, RadioLive, and RadioNZ to name a few media channels. This is in addition to the 30 media releases which have been circulated by NZPIF directly to selected journalists and media channels. 

NZPIF was established in 1983 to achieve a national voice.  Housing issues have been and are still hot topics. It is vital that, every time they appear in the media, misconceptions and incorrect statements about property investment are consistently challenged by a national organisation representing private property investors.

An editorial in the February 14-20 NZ Listener proclaimed The madness continues. New Zealand needs a mandatory warrant of fitness scheme for rental homes. The reasoned response to this from Andrew King can be read here.  At least nine times last year, Andrew was interviewed about or outlined the NZPIF position regarding a warrant of fitness for rental houses.

In February the media reported the Finance Minister’s comment that the Government would support any new rules the Reserve Bank of NZ might implement to target property investors and their investments.

“This investment is actually less risky than many of the loans banks give to businesses” said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF). “We think the classification of residential investment loans is a good step but this category of borrower should not be required to have a higher capital ratio than those applying for business loans”.  Read more here

The Growing up in New Zealand study made public statements in January of this year about the likelihood that children living with their families in rental properties will suffer some form of injury is higher than for those children living in other types of accommodation.  Members of Associations affiliated to the NZPIF care about the safety of those living in their properties and in a media release Andrew King questioned the fact that only one group of accommodation providers has been singled out for this specific comment.  Read the media release here

Other issues in the media which Andrew has challenged while putting forward the NZPIF viewpoint have included affordability of houses and rents, whether property investors are responsible for the housing crisis, whether property investors are paying enough tax, and capital gains tax.

The NZPIF is fulfilling the function for which it was established and will continue to be a strong national voice advocating on behalf of property investors during 2015.




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